Welcome to Green Apple Healthcare

We at Green Apple Healthcare, striving for passionately delivering specialty medicines and innovative technological devices for better health outcome. We are Embracing excellence to provide care to achieve cure with world class products and services in healthcare industry. Patient centric approach to build better quality of life is our key performance driver. We have established a benchmark for service and operations in the Pharmaceutical industry.

To achieve the leadership in healthcare industry and to create customer friendly relationship, we have integrated systems surpassing the standards of service, credibility and thereby create better values.

Our Strength


At Green Apple we understand the dynamism of healthcare industry so we have very focused sales and marketing team. Primary objective for the team is to position right product to right customer.


Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other. “Continuous Skill Development” is the key to success for any individual and organization. We run Continuous Skill Development program across departments to match our competency with market requirements.


To deliver innovations, logistic is the most important part. Our efficient network and system leverage our service to deliver. We are successfully delivering specialty medicines, cold chain medicines, Medical and surgical devices to our customers in timely manner.


We are aiming to reach and spread our services across the globe. Our branches are at various locations to facilitate our service. Our extensive network offers confidence to our associates and gives better reach assurance.

Our prestigious customers