Trade Supply

We offer our services pan India. The group is mainly having the presence in the field of pharmaceutical and surgical distribution and logistics. As we provide our services like the lightning speed with the excellent quality, Most of the National and Multinational pharmaceutical organizations opt for our services for distributing their products pan India.

The group is the passionate in its field, which does the pharmaceutical distribution in India. We are serving the Indian market successfully and making the lives of the people worth to live safely.

Contract Manufacturing

Since our leadership is experts in pharmaceutical industry more than a decade, we have command on many top rank Indian pharmaceutical companies where we can manufacture the products in their facilities by their / our brand names for our clientele situated worldwide.

We are also tied up with state of art manufacturing facilities those are of international standards carrying WHO – GMP, US FDA, ANBISA- Brazil, IDA – Netherlands, Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health care Products etc. We are contract manufacturers of products as per the requirements of our clientele for domestic and export purpose.

Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and distribution is a most important factor in Pharmaceutical and Surgical industry. It has proportionate share in the success of the healthcare products distribution firm.

Green Apple Healthcare has the expertise and the tools for distribution of the products anywhere in the world in ways that will significantly improve customer service and will deliver the products in lightning speed. We believe in speed and respect the customer's timely need.